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We believe that the choice of food, where it comes from, and the quality of the food will have a direct and powerful impact on personal health.

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Faroe Islands Salmon (BAKKAFROST)
The pristine waters surrounding the Faroe Islands produce some of the world’s most popular salmon, renowned for its unparalleled purity and taste. Sourced from these unpolluted waters, Faroe Islands salmon have pristine bloodlines and are produced without the use of antibiotics or Raised under hormones and exclusively made from local ingredients, Bakkafrost’s salmon is pollution-free and has firm, juicy meat with a rich texture and delicate taste. It is respected by sushi chefs around the world for its high fat content and is the epitome of high-quality seafood. The highest respect and price in any market.

Bluefin Tuna
Bluefin tuna, revered for its majestic appearance and unparalleled taste, is a pinnacle of the ocean’s bounty. With its sleek, torpedo-shaped body and shimmering blue back, the bluefin tuna navigates the depths with grace and power. Renowned for its exceptionally rich, buttery flesh, this prized species offers a melt-in-your-mouth experience that is second to none. Sought after by sushi connoisseurs and seafood enthusiasts alike, bluefin tuna stands as a symbol of luxury and culinary excellence, its delectable flavor profile and velvety texture making it a true delicacy.


Koshihikari Rice
In Japan, Koshihikari is the ultimate rice, we use traditional Koshihikari premium short grain rice. If there is a rice that best represents the Japanese food culture, it is Koshihikari. This is an expensive and high-quality cereal that is perfect for Japanese cuisine.

Gold Grade Nori
We use gold grade nori (seaweed). in Japan there are 9 grades. grade their nori by colour, shininess, weight, thickness, spots (holes), and also if the nori contains any other seaweeds. The highest grade is gold grade.

Japanese Vinegar
We incorporate imported vinegar (SHIRAGIKU) from Japan to craft our own sushi vinegar blend, delivering the ideal balance of sweetness, saltiness, and acidity.

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