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We believe that the choice of food, where it comes from, and the quality of the food will have a direct and powerful impact on personal health.

Mikawa Japanese Fusion



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Our Ingredients


Faroe Islands Salmon
Faroe Islands are well-known for producing the world’s finest salmon. Faroe Islands salmon never receive antibiotics or hormones, feeds are exclusively sourced in the Faroe Islands, and are free from contaminants.
The flesh is firm, moist, and oily. Its flavor is delicate. It is considered the sushi chef’s favorite salmon because it has a higher fat content.

Bluefin Tuna
There are several species of tuna around the world, but the bluefin is the king of them all.Bluefin Tuna has the darkest and fattiest flesh of all tuna. It has a distinctive medium-full flavor and firm, “meaty” texture with large flakes.

Koshihikari Rice
We use traditional Koshihikari premium short grain rice. If there is a rice that best represents the Japanese food culture, it is Koshihikari. This is an expensive and high-quality cereal that is perfect for Japanese cuisine.


Gold Grade Nori
We use gold grade nori (seaweed). in Japan there are 9 grades. grade their nori by colour, shininess, weight, thickness, spots (holes), and also if the nori contains any other seaweeds. The highest grade is gold grade.

Japanese Vinegar
We use imported pure rice vinegar from Japan to create our own vinegar blend for sushi—it delivers the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and sour.

We use more filling to make our rolls, we don’t use a lot of rice to make the roll look big.

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